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Belt Conveyors


Belt conveyors are an excellent choice for an inexpensive and simple method of moving materials from one point to another. Because of the simplicity of the flat, moving belt, they can be used to move a variety of material sizes, shapes and weights effectively for short and long distances. Belt conveyors are one of the most widely used bulk material handling conveyors. They are used to carry away screened material, grit, dewatered sludge or such other materials to be disposed in water and wastewater treatment plants. These types of equipment are smooth and quiet operating, quality constructed and highly reliable. They can be installed horizontal or inclined (up to 25 ). Sismat Uluslararası Belt Conveyors are mainly made up of frame, conveyor belt, belt scraper, drive drum, tension drum, rollers, and drive unit.


• Custom design and layout to suit client specific requirements

• Modular design with several length/width available

• Possible change of inclination in machine frame

• Able to span long distances in a single run

• Can convey horizontally on an incline or vertical

• Material is not mixed during transport

• Low energy consumption compared to screw conveyors or sludge pumps

• Easy integration in existing plant for upgrading existing handling systems

• Long life time

• Side preventing mechanism

• Covers can be utilized for odor control

• Reversing function possible

• Optional water collecting tray for dripping rejects and safe operation