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Chain Scrapers


Similar to longitudinal scrapers, they are utilised in rectangular tanks. Scraping blades are mounted between two chains, which, in turn, are fitted between the shafts and wheels at channel corners. The continuous motion of the chain actuated by the revolution of the shaft drive the scraper blades clean the sludge settling at the bottom. The chain scraper system scrapes sludge from the bottom to a lateral hopper and skims surface of the tank from floating substances conveying them to a lateral channel. The chain scraper consists of a gear motor control unit, a drive shaft, driving chains, idle shafts and scraping blade secured to the pulling chain. The gear motor motion is transmitted to the shaft by means of two lateral crowns, puts in motion the two gearing chains. On the opposite side there is the transmission unit helps the chain tightening. Specific guides keep the chain in the right position. Chain scrapers cleaning only the tank bottom or surface with two independent scrapers is possible upon request.


• Long life time

• Robust and reliable design

• Quick and easy installation

• Low investment and operation costs

• Low wear and tear as only slowrunning components

• High efficiency with low energy consumption