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Flow Control Equipment

We design and manufacture flow control equipment such as penstocks, stoplogs, telescopic valves and adjustable weirs. Our flow control equipment accomodate client requirements, site specifications, environmental conditions and operational preferences with a wide range of material applications, equipment sizes and multiple operation options.


Having a wide variety of screening systems, we offer the perfect screening solution for you and add value to the performance of your plant. Well selected and operated screens alleviate the load of treatment plants considerably. The determination of the appropriate screen depends on wastewater properties as well as hydraulic calculations and site ...

Water Intake Equipment

We manufacture equipment for water intake structures from sea, river or lake. Our water intake systems provide clean, debris-free raw water. Our water intake equipment can be used effectively in combination to remove debris, weeds, branches, grass, fish, etc. from water sourced from rivers, lakes and oceans. They provide an economical and ...


Sedimentation basins, also called settling tanks or clarifiers, are large tanks in which water is made to flow very slowly in order to promote the sedimentation of particles or flocs. Scrapers which are used in repressing sedimented thick substances that float from the water treatment plant can also be used at several phases of water purification ...

Package WWTPs (Biopak)

Biopak is our package type aerobic treatment system, designed for the treatment of domestic wastewater. They are designed to answer the treatment needs of low population communities such as touristic facilities, summer housing complexes, construction sites and production plants and they range from 50 to 2000 people equivalent in capacity.

Sludge Dewatering Equipment

We offer most common methods of sludge dewatering such as belt filter presses and filter presses. Our engineers are always ready to help you choose the most efficient sludge dewatering equipment based on the characteristics of your influent sludge and dehydrated solid products, space availability, odor control, the costs of investment and ...

Screw Pumps

Archimedean screw pumps are used to lift water to the requested level even when it contains an amount of solids and debris. They have a robust design, high efficiency and long life cycle.

Other Equipment

We manufacture numerous other types of mechanical equipment for your treatment plant, starting from the intake structure to the sludge dewatering. Sismat Uluslararası is an all in one manufacturer providing you water, wastewater and sludge treatment equipment and giving you the opportunity and convenience of working with a single supplier in your ...