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Combi Units


Mechanical pre-treatment is very important for protection of subsequent processes in a wastewater treatment plant in order to operate the entire plant reliably. Wastewater has to be pre-treated before being transferred to the subsequent stages of the wastewater treatment plant so that the overloading of the downstream treatment system is avoided. Wastes, passing through the screw screen, are screened and the bigger solid particles are removed. Then, effluents pass in the tank (hopper) section, where finer solids particles are allowed to settle down and are removed by a low rotating shaftless screw system. As an option, the unit can be designed with an oil/grease removing system. Options of alternative voltage and frequency, degree of motor protection, control panel, drive guard, screen type, overflow chutes, fixed internal pipe are available upon request. Sismat Uluslararası Combined Wastewater Pre-treatment Units have screw screen, screenings treatment, grit traps (for solids- stones, grit, sand, etc. removal) and as optional grease traps (for fat, oil and grease removal).


• Compact design

• No odour or clogging problems

• Low investment cost

• Low maintenance and operation costs

• No civil works required

• Easy to install and operate

• Volume reduction of the washed out solid

• Low residual organic content in the washed out solid