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Longitudinal Scrapers


Longitudinal scrapers are used in sedimentation tanks with a rectangular design for sludge or grit removal. This equipment scrapes the sludge or sand longitudinally and transfers it to the sludge collection hopper at the end of the tank. At the same time, the surface scraping pallets carry the foam or the oil to the discharge point at the opposite side. Removal of the settled materials can be provided by the following ways depend on the settled material.

For the settled grit:

• Scraper blades

• Grit pumps

• Air-lift system

For the settled sludge:

• Scraper blades

• Sludge pumps

• Suction

The floating scum is generally moved in flow direction to the outlet end of the tank, from where it is removed. Bridge is mounted on end carriages at both sides which have two guiding wheels or wheels driven on rails. Speed reducing unit includes a gearbox for required gentle slow moving and optionally a torque limiter. Power input can be realised by means of cable drum or cable trolley.


• Robust and reliable design

• Quick and easy installation even into existing tanks

• Efficient separation of liquid and solid phases

• Low energy consumption

• Low wear and tear as only slow running components

• High efficiency

• Single or multiple tanks