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Mixing and contacting are important operations that have an essential influence on the individual performance of process stages or on the results of the entire process. Mixers are the key equipment used for water conditioning or increasing the contact surface of water and chemicals for the multi-step processes in water and wastewater treatment plants. Main purposes of mixing process are mixing of a liquid in another liquid, transferring of gases to liquid or another gas, dissolving of solid materials in liquid, and thickening of process sludge. Mixers provided by Sismat Uluslararası are used in the applications below:
• Rapid mixing,
• Flash mixing,
• Coagulant mixing,
• Flocculation,
• Polymer addition,
• Chemical addition,
• Chemical storage,
• Equalization and neutralization,
• Slurry mixing,
• Chlorination, etc.
Mixing is one of the most significant unit operations. Efficiency of mixing and dispersion has a major impact on the product quality and production yield. Therefore, Sismat Uluslararası gives particular importance to the selection and design of mixers. Our company’s unique approach to mixer design offers the most effective mixing solutions for both the new treatment plants and retrofits to the existing plants. 
Sismat Uluslararası offers the mixers as the following:
• Static mixers (SBM)
• Axial propeller mixers (SHM)
• Radial propeller mixers (SYM)


• Reliable design

• Durable and robust construction

• Effective mixing provided

• Low capital and operational costs

• Maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption

• Long lifetime