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IMS Policy

Our IMS Policy is to meet our Client’s requirements above and beyond their expectations on time, with the most convenient terms and conditions and with the highest quality standards by always giving priority to environmental awareness and health and safety at work… 

-     To follow technological innovations closely and to adapt them to our products,

-     To develop our management and production technologies continuously,

-     To minimize material and time rate of wastage by delivering all our works defect-free at the first time,

-     To present our clients, products that comply with global standards,

-     To give all our personnel various training programs in order to install awareness, personnel responsibility and to increase our environmental and

       occupational health & safety performance,

-     To comply with national laws and regulations and international agreements on environmental protection and health and safety,

-     To minimize occupational injuries and ailments through strategic management of health and safety risks and hazards and

-     To minimize the exploitation of natural resources.

Sismat Uluslararası sense of quality is a process aiming legibility and comprehensibleness by the contribution of its whole work force and is not only limited to the quality of its products, but instead encompassing all its business relations. 

All Sismat Uluslararası A.Ş. employees are individually responsible to fully understand and apply IMS policy and objectives.