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Sludge Dewatering Equipment

Excess amount of water is still present in sludge thickened and it needs to be removed to have more stable and easy to-handle sludge in less volume and to make it less expensive for transporting.

We offer most common methods of sludge dewatering such as belt filter presses and  filter presses.

Our engineers are always ready to help you choose the most efficient sludge dewatering equipment based on the :

• characteristics of your influent sludge

• dehydrated solid products

• space availability

• odor control

• the cost of investment and maintenance

• complexities of operation and management

Sludge dewatering systems can be custom engineered and integrated into your process to remove solid waste and extract water from sludge. Choosing the correct sludge dewatering system that is right for you and your process is vital for maximum efficiency and low operating costs.