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Sludge Treatment Equipment

Sedimentation basins, also called settling tanks or clarifiers, are large tanks in which water is made to flow very slowly in order to promote the sedimentation of particles or flocs. Scrapers which are used in repressing sedimented thick substances that float from the water treatment plant can also be used at several phases of water purification.

• Sand and oil separation

• Pre-sedimentation

• Final sedimentation

• DAF (diffused air floatation)

• Sludge Thickening

Sismat Uluslararası provides many alternatives for all sorts of different bridges, with circular or longitudinal scrapers that are designed according to the tank’s geometry. Scrapers can be grouped in terms of bridge lengths and types, scraping types and modes of operation.

Bridge type

• Profile

• Panel

• Cage

• Pipe

• Box

Scraping types

• Suction

• Shield

• Picket fence

Bridge length

• Full scale

• Half scale

Mode of operation

• Central driven

• Peripheral driven

• Linear

Sismat Uluslararası designs its scrapers, based on static calculations and its engineering expertise. The appropriate calculation of sludge load and mass, leads to a strong and reliable work process. As a result, the dead points in the sedimentation or thickening tanks are eliminated.