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Telescopic Valves

Telescopic Valves are used in tanks, lagoons and treatment plants for drawing surface water from one holding area to another or for regulating fluid levels between tanks. Their unique design uses a siphon to move the water. In treatment facilities, one specific use of it is to control the level of effluent in settling basins. Also called Decanting Valves or Sludge Draw-off Valves, the assembly consists of a drain tube which can slip up and down inside a stationary vertical pipe. Unlike opening a gate, they will not disturb sediments on the bottom of the tank. Through a lifting device, the tube is raised and lowered to maintain the desired level within the chamber.


• Quick and exact adjustment of the water level

• Maintenance free

• Quick and easy to mount

• Possibility of adjustment by means of simple hand wheel, manual gear box or electrical actuator

• High adjustment sensitivity

• Diameters up to Ø 1000 mm