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Trickling Filter Distributers


Effective wastewater distribution is essential for achieving optimum performance of a fixed film reactor process (trickling filter). While ensuring consistent distribution of the wastewater over the trickling filter, the flow can be adjusted for seasonal needs for example (higher flow during touristic season), daily needs (lower flow at night), or to adapt to future needs over a longer period of time. Sismat Uluslararası Trickling Filter Rotary Distributors are available in different arm configurations as a rotary reaction type (hydraulically driven) or motorized type (motor driven) for circular trickling filter beds of all types and sizes. The motorized rotary distributor turns at a controlled speed regardless of flow to allow the operator to control the dousing rate. Reaction-driven units are driven by the force of the wastewater delivered to the distributor. In most cases this will be a pumped flow but where site gradients permit gravity fed units can be designed and installed. Motor-driven rotary distributors with variable speed control are also available where high performance and increased levels of process control are required. All power-driven units can be supplied with a facility to operate in reaction mode in the event of a power failure, returning back to motor drive once power is restored. Motorized rotary distributors can be reversed and back-driven. This feature is particularly useful during start-up and installation. Sismat Uluslararası Trickling Filter Rotary Distributors are mainly made up of tension rod, collector, distribution arm, drive arm and weir.


• Simple and reliable

• Trouble free operation with minimum service needs

• Creates a curtain effect to ensure all the media contributes to the process

• Easy to clean, maintain and upgrade

• Cost effective

• Long life time

• Open trough arms for less prone to blockage

• Motorized or manual